To be successful in today's business world you have to make sure that all entities involved with your business benefit as much as you do from your products and services. So we start with the end consumers and work backwards making everything fit within the legal requirements of the Three-Tier System. If you are involved with us...you too will benefit!

Wine for All Reasons

We offer wines from Europe and the US that are aligned with the end consumers' taste profiles and budgets. Our wines have excellent Price to Value ratios and still provide generous Profit Margins to Retailers and our Distributors.

Italian Wines

Spanish Wines

VS Global Wine Solutions

Wine by the glass is very popular in the US and rapidly growing but oxidation and waste are severely cutting into the Retailers’ profits.

Replace serving wine from Bottles with an eco-friendly, fresh-tasting, and cost-effective solution.

We have the solution! Interested?

Our PolyKeg

Alternative for an 80-Proof Generation

Products that try to be everything to everyone are sure to fail. Products that fulfill niches in markets - preferably niches with growth potential - have a much better chance at success in the US. The phrase "In Niches there are Riches" is particularly true in the US Alcohol Beverage Market. Grappa definitely is a "niche category."

There is plenty of opportunity to grow GRAPPANOVA® created by Roberto Castagner as an innovative Brand to lead and expand the Grappa category.


By increasing your gross margin by just 5% on some of your Products you will contribute 62.5% to your bottom-line Profit:

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